The 5 Best Street Fights

There are street fights, there are wannabe street fights, and then there are the 5 best street fights of all time. Actually, some of these wannabe fights have been so prolific and viral on the Internet and television that they just had to be included in this list! So, lets get down to the best street fights, as we break down the top five.

  1. Kimbo Slice vs Afropuff and Big Mac. Perhaps one of the best classic displays of the power of Kimbo Slice, this monster knocks out these 300+ pound fighters with quick work. As soon as they would get up, Kimbo would make sure they got right back down.
  2. Man vs. SUV. Like its title says, is about one random man with a baseball bat and a flaring temper and an equally pissed guy in an SUV. The SUV circles him in donuts until a fight breaks out. Not too long after, the police show up, ending this epic video.
  3. Boyfriend Knocks out Two A**holes (Pranksters) If you decide to slap a random girl, be prepared to deal with her boyfriend. Unluckily for these two pranksters, this boyfriend has a lot of street fighting experience.
  4. Kimbo Slice vs Sean Gannon This highly viral video showcased the first loss of Kimbo Slice. Sean Gannon, a retired police officer, who (though barely) knocked Kimbo down to the ground, surprises everyone in the audience. Gannon went on to compete in an unsuccessful Mixed Martial Arts career, losing two matches (by knockout) and having no wins. Still, this video is notable as one of Kimbo Slice's few losses, and a controversial street fight win.
  5. AC Transit Bus Fight This is more of a humorous exchange between two men that displays the racism is alive and well within our society to this day. The old white man is obviously a crazy bigot, but what can you do? Of course, the just-as-old black man doesn't help the situation by displaying just as much ignorance, and attempting to beat the crazy man. Oh did we mention the white guy's fierce "I AM A MOTHER FU****" shirt? Anyway, what results is one of the funniest street fights we've seen in a long time!

Remember, be safe around fools who like street fights, they are dumb and insensible. However, that doesn't mean that watching the five best street fights isn't fun! Be safe, and be smart, while laughing at these idiots.

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