5 Best Sunglass Colored Lens For Cycling

These are the 5 best sunglass colored lens for cycling. Cyclers use sunglasses for one main reason, and that is to keep the sun out of their eyes which keeps them relaxed. Of course looking good just so happens to be a side effect, but which colored lens is best for cycling? Well these are the five best colored lens for cycling.

  1. Amber- Amber lenses are perfect for those that seem to enjoy cycling in the woods or an area full of trees. Amber is a shade between brown and a dark yellow Amber colored lenses increase contrast which helps you notice slight obstacles in your bike path that you might have missed with other colored lens.
  2. Red- This basic color is a top choice among cyclers as a colored lens. The color red distorts the way you see other colors, which in turn relaxes your eyes. Red is only good in cloudy weather and can be a hazard during sunny days though.
  3. Yellow- The color yellow on sunglass lenses might be more useful than even clear. The color yellow aids in your ability to see more clearly. In a heavy fog, you would be able to see as if it were a beautiful spring morning. These lenses though, just like red, are not for sunny days.
  4. Brown- although they might not look as "pretty" as the ones above, brown might be your best choice. These glasses are for all around weather, and although they may not excel in any one area, they work in every area. They are the best overall lenses.
  5. Green- This funky shade of sunglass lens offers more contrast than most other shades of lenses, yet does not make you confuse certain colors. These are great glasses to have if you are cycling for long distances because they are believed to strain your eyes the least.
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