5 Best Suntan Lotions

With all the different sunscreens on the market it can be hard to narrow down the 5 best suntan lotions. Each of these 5 best suntan lotions are special for a different reason. So whether you are looking for a reasonable price, an organic, or a high end suntan lotion, these are the 5 best suntan lotions on the market today.

  1. Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Creme Lotion Get the look of sun kissed skin with Hawaiian Tropic lotions. One of the best suntan lotions available, it can be found at local stores across the nation. Hawaiian tropic has been a leader in suntan lotions for many years.
  2. Banana Boat line of suntan lotions Banana Boat offers many different types of suntan lotions at a reasonable price. With SPF's ranging from 0-100 you are sure to find the lotion that is perfect for you. Banana Boat also offers a sport performance variety. This lotion can endure sweating and long hours in the sun without wearing off. This is perfect for a long bicycle ride or a jog on the beach.
  3. California Baby No-Fragrance 30+ Suntan Lotion California baby suntan lotions aren't just for baby. This gentle and organic suntan lotion can be worn by moms and dads too. California baby's sunscreen line includes sunscreens from SPF 18 – 30+. The No-Fragrance 30+ suntan lotion contains no fragrance and is very gentle on all skin types. If you are allergic to fragrance or are just looking to cut chemicals out of your day to day life this is the suntan lotion for you.
  4. GreatSkin SPF 30 sunblock with Green Tea The most unique of the 5 best suntan lotions. This sunscreen is made with Japanese green tea. This green tea infused sunscreen is gentle enough to be used on your face everyday yet still maintains maximum UV protection.
  5. Sisley-Paris Broad Spectrum Sunscreen, SPF 30 This sunscreen can be used on all skin types. It blocks out both UVA and UVB rays. Made with shea butter and vitamin E the Sisley-Paris sunscreen moisturizes the skin and protects it.

No matter which of the 5 best suntan lotions becomes your favorite, make sure to apply it before going out in the sun. Even if you are looking to get a tan, you still need to protect your skin with at least a low level SPF lotion. These 5 best suntan lotions can only protect you from the sun's harmful rays while you are wearing it. 

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