5 Best Surf Board Racks

If you want to take your surfboard to the beach, you need to learn about the 5 best surfboard racks. Getting the best surfboard rack for you depends on how much money you want to spend and if you want to use hard racks. Check out the best surfboard racks below:

  1. RV Inno Boardlocker Locking Surf Board Racks. This best surfboarding back is for the serious surfer who doesn't want to take any chances losing his board. These surfboard racks are easy to use and they also prevent people from stealing your surfboard. The RV Inno Boardlocker supports three shortboards or two longboards. The adjustable ratcheting conforms to fit most crossbars. The RV Inno Boardlocker comes with a lock and key. 
  2. Creatures of Leisure Aero Rax. The Aero Rax Surf Board racks are the best surf board racks for the surfer who has a nice car and more than one surfboard to transport. The Aero Rax are tie down security and they are made from Neoprene which won't damage your board or car. This best surf board rack is compatible with cars that support flat racks and it can hold up to three surfboards. 
  3. Creatures of Leisure Tailgate Pad and Tie Down. If you want to save money on surfboard racks, the Tailgate Pad and Tie down is the best option for you. The Tailgate Pad and Tie Down is also compatible with trucks. This best surfboard car rack features metal buckles and military strength straps. This system will not damage your track or your board.
  4. Block Surf Single Surfboard Car Racks. This surfboard rack is simple and compatible with any vehicle. You don't need rain gutters to rack your surfboard with this car rack. The Block Surf Car rack also comes with a surf bag.
  5. Thule 554XT Hang Two Rooftop Surfboard Carrier. This best surf board rack is durable and holds two surfboards. The Hang Two is the best surfboard rack for you if you are driving a long distance to the beach and want to ensure that your board is secure. The Hang Two surfboard rack comes with rooftop carrier bars, attachment straps, carriage bolts and metal brackets. The Hang Two Rooftop Carrier is easy to assemble (it comes with an instruction manual too). 
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