5 Best Surf Fishing Reels

The 5 best surf fishing reels include spinners as well as bait casting reels. There are times when you need one or the other. Spinning reels tend to work better in the windy situations that you are likely to encounter during saltwater fishing. 

  1. SASURF6000 Saltiga Surf Spinning Reel. This is a lightweight spinning reel that is made to accommodate braided lines. These lines are notorious for digging into the spool and causing unwanted grooves. It has an air metal magnesium body that is resistant to saltwater corrosion.
  2. Van Staal VS150LB. This is another spinning surf fishing reel. It will hold line in up to 150-pound strength. The drag system is sealed so that it is waterproof and strong enough to handle large fish. The housing is anodized to protect against saltwater corrosion.
  3. Golden Reels Surf Cast Spinning Reel. The focus on this reel is dependable quality at an affordable price. The spool is lightweight one-piece anodized aluminum spool. The main shaft and other components are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, and the body is graphite.
  4. Daiwa Saltist 50H Surf Casting Reel. This is an open-face bait caster. It is made to withstand braided line, but it will take monofilament. Most of the mechanisms are made from metal for extra strength. It has four corrosion resistant ball bearings that allow for smoother and farther casting. The bearings will outlast traditional stainless steel bearings many times over.
  5. Abu Garcia ORRA Inshore Reel. Six stainless steel ball bearings give this bait caster a lot of casting distance. It is a one-piece aluminum spool and a lightweight aluminum frame. The specialty of the ORRA is the Advanced Pitch centrifugal brake. This causes the bait to slow down as it reaches the target so a backlash will not occur.



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