5 Best Surf Kayaks

The 5 best surf kayaks are kayaks that use the equipment and same techniques used in surfing ocean waves. Surf kayaks figure prominently in the sport of surf kayaking, which is also quite popular in regions that are frequented by surf board surfers.

  1. Malibu Vision 3.4 Surf Kayak. The Malibu Vision 3.4 Surf Kayak is a great surf kayak for paddlers due to its design that is big on versatility. This surf kayak's hull design with its foil rails will let you ride waves easily, though still let you maintain enough stability for recreational paddling.
  2. Reflex Surf Kayak. This surf kayak is 100 percent oriented to performance for lighter paddlers. This boat also features power and speed thanks to its smaller power pocket rear and flat hull low rails, this Reflex Surf Kayak will have you surfing and riding those waves in no time.
  3. Ocean Kayak Yak Board. The Ocean Kayak Yak Board is made to surf the waves, but this surf kayak is also light enough to be suitable for people of all ages. What makes this surf kayak so easy to turn on the waves and control is its truncated length and smooth bottom.
  4. Merlin Surf Kayak. This surf kayak called the Merlin is ideal for helping you navigate that surf. At nearly seven-and-a-half feet long and just over two feet in width, this Merlin Surf Kayak also comes with a V-shaped rear hull and soft front rails.
  5. XRAY HDP Surf Kayak. The XRAY HDP Surf Kayak is billed as a hard core surf kayak due to its construction of high density polyethylene. This surf kayak also lets paddlers engage in late takeoffs and rodeo-style transitional moves.
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