5 Best Surfboard Repair Kits

These are the 5 best Surfboard repair kits available to fix surfboard damages. Surfboard repair kits are a must-have for any beginner or professional surfer. They can be a time-saving savior providing surfers with everything they need to repair their boards.

  1. Solarez Mini Travel Kit: This is one of the 5 best surfboard repair kits that allows the surfer with a comprehensive array of tools to repair surfboards. Affordable yet complete, this is a 100% water-proof package that contains fiberfill putty, microlite putty, and a sand pad. In sunlight, the gel can dry extremely rapidly, providing a quick repair.
  2. Solarez Pro Travel Kit: This travel kit has an expansive array of tools for surfboard repairs. With a variety of sandpaper grits and ample putty, resin, and fiberglass rope, it can easily hear damages to the board. In addition, this kit provides necessary tools including scissors, stirring sticks and a razor blade.
  3. Sun Cure Fiber Fill Expoxy Kit: This kit provides an exceedingly fast way to fix surfboards. A hassle-free repair kit, this kit uses the epoxy straight from the tube requiring no mixing or cloth. As one of the 5 best surfboard repair kits, this kit makes surfboard repair fast and simple.
  4. Ding All Surfboard Repair Kit: One of the 5 best surfboard repair kits, Ding All includes polyester resin and a hardener at an extremely low price. It also includes a cloth and sponge to provide the surfer with all the tools they need to leave their skate looking new again. It is a fast and relatively simple repair method.
  5. Ding All Ultra Clear Kit: This kit provides everything necessary to fix cracks, dings, and breaks in the board. Great for polyester surfboards, it truly is one of the top 5 best surfboard repair kits. Although pricier, it is far more comprehensive as far as tools and materials provided for on-the-go repairs.
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