5 Best Sushi Restaurants: Baltimore

Seafood is abound on the east coast and if you live in the Baltimore area do not miss these 5 best sushi restaurants: Baltimore. Baltimore offers some of the best seafood in the country and these five sushi bars are included in top seafood places around. Sushi is a special brand of seafood, offering exquisite taste and traditional goodness. Sit back, relax, and indulge yourself in some of the finest sushi bars in Baltimore if not the country.

  1. Matsuri Japanese Restaurant offers an awesome variety of sushi dish combos and chef specials. This upscale location has been a Baltimore favorite for over twenty-five years and hosts one of the most prolific sushi chefs in the world, Chef Tien. A for sure stop on the sushi circuit and please try the daily chef special if nothing else. Matsuri Japanese Restaurant: 1105 S Charles Street.
  2. Edo Sushi Bar is a beautiful location along the inner harbor boasting ambiance and exceptional sushi fare. The menu is vast and the cuisine fresh and very tasty. They also offer sashimi and an exceptional sake list to round out the experience. Try the flying fish roe for an exciting change of pace. Edo Sushi Bar: 201 E Pratt Street.
  3. Minatu Sushi Bar is a contemporary but traditional setting for your sushi dining. Their sushi menu is extensive and offers the traditional favorite bento box combinations. They also offer many other combinations based on traditional favorites. The fish is always tender and the seaweed exceptional, this is a very popular location and deserves a top five consideration. Minatu Sushi Bar: 1013 N Charles Street.
  4. The Nichiban Japanese Restaurant is a traditional sushi bar in the historic Baltimore district and is a favorite lunch spot and excellent choice for dinner. The ambiance is authentic Japanese and the menu vast, great fare here in a relaxing and open environment. The Nichiban Japanese Restaurant: 1035 S Charles Street.
  5. Tsunami presents its sushi professionally plated and in an upscale setting. The variety is exquisite to include quail egg and Tamago. This is a definite date spot boasting fine cuisine and a romantic setting. Tsunami: 1300 Bank Street Ste 120.
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