5 Best Sushi Restaurants: Detroit

This list is of the 5 best Sushi Restaurants in Detroit, Michigan and surrounding areas.  As patrons will learn by eating at one of these five best Sushi Restaurants in and around Detroit is that Sushi Restaurants do not always have stand alone but can fit right into today's lifestyles patrons can find Sushi in a Strip Mall in Detroit.

  1. Sakana Sushi Lounge along with Sushi chefs Kon and Greg bring to life the delectable flavors of fresh sushi to the palette of guests from around the world.  The creation of classic and non-traditional ingredients makes this an adventure to the sushi lover. Menu items such as Seaweed Salad, Tako Salad, Beef Byoza, Shrimp Tempura Udon, and dinner entrée plates of 8 pieces of Sushi and Maki Rolls along with Miso Soup to top off the meal complete the Sakana menu. Price ranges are average fro $2.50 to $25.00. This is a great place to enjoy the calm and even romantic atmosphere of the evening while enjoying some of the finest Sushi in the Detroit area.  Sakana Sushi Lounge is located at 22914 Woodward Avenue, Ferndale, Michigan, 48220 (248) 336-2555. 
  2.  Wasabi Korean & Japanese Cuisine a guest can enjoy meals from both cultures all in one evening. Japanese entrees include items such as Shrimp Tempura, Chicken Teriyaki, Beef Teriyaki, the sushi menu is filled with items such as a Vegetarian Combo of AAC Roll, Cucumber Roll, Unaju, Hwe Dup Bab, Albaba (flying fish row, salmon roe, uni, krab, egg, cucumber & scallion).  Also try the Unaju, Chirashi Sushi and Sushi & Sashimi for 2 plates before enjoying the Japanese or Korean entrees.  Korean entrees include Chicken Tang Soo Yook and Mae Woon Daejl Kul among other great Korean dishes.  Prices range from $5.00 to $15.00 and these fantastic dishes at Wasabi Korean & Japanese Cuisine are well worth the price. Wasabi Korean & Japanese Cuisine is located at 15 East Kirby St., Detroit, Michigan, 48220, (248) 638-1272.
  3. Nami Sushi Bar is eating in or taking out sushi restaurant. With an all you can eat Monday menu this makes a great place for the sushi lover to enjoy a large meal and get there fill of great sushi.  Menu items include, tuna California Rolls, Spicy Tuna Roll, Seaweed on the outside with rice on the inside salmon, tuna, or yellowtail rolls, Nami Sushi Bar serves great veggie rolls such as Avocado Roll, Asparagus Roll; and even Shitake California Rolls.   Top off your meal with Tempura shrimp.  Each nights enticing menu special is great at Nami Sushi Bar such as Tuesdays Tempura Specials, Wednesdays Sushi Madness, Thursdays two for one night and Friday Wine Down/$10.00 bottles. Nami Sushi Bar is located at 201 West 9 Mile Road, Ferndale, Michigan 48220 (248) 542-6458.
  4. Ronin’s menu is filled with Nigiri, Sashimi, Hand Rolls, Special Maki, Maki, Salads, and much more for the sushi lover.  Prices ranging from $5.00 to $12.00 per order and after enjoying the appetizer of Sushi at Ronin then patrons can move to the entrée menu and enjoy Kobe Sliders, Grilled Salmon, Diver Scallops with Black Rice Risotto all ranging from $11.00 to $28.00 a plate.   Hours of operation are Sunday & Monday 6:00 to 10:00 and Tuesday through Saturday 5:00 to 11:00. Ronin is located at 326 West 4th Street, Royal Oak, Michigan 48067 (248) 546-0888. 
  5. It isn’t usual to find a great sushi eatery in a strip mall but Café Sushi is fantastic serving fresh sushi in a great atmosphere.  Serving authentic cuisine with Italian and a French flair the Café Sushi is a place to try.  With daily lunch specials Café Sushi is a wonderful afternoon stopping place in Michigan.  Enjoy Max Roll or Fresh California Rolls and sautéed onions with pan-fried shrimp.  Hotate Sushi, salmon sushi and Toro sushi are great menu items at Café Sushi.  Price ranges are from $3.50 to $13.00 making Café Sushi one affordable and great eating establishment. Café Sushi LLC, located at 1933 West Maple Rd, Troy, Michigan 48084 (248) 280-1831. 
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