5 Best Sushi Restaurants: Fort Worth

Looking for the 5 best sushi restaurants in Fort Worth? The Dallas/Forth Worth area of Texas is the home to a wide variety of restaurants, including some of the best sushi in the state!

  1. Wild Sushi. Wild Sushi, one of the five best sushi restaurants in Forth Worth, offers affordable pricing and plenty of outside parking. The menu at Wild Sushi features items such as shrimp, tuna, octopus, and snow crabs. Wild Sushi is located on 4386 Western Center Blvd in Fort Worth, TX 76137. Their phone number is (817) 232-0522.
  2. Piranha Killer Sushi. Piranha Killer Sushi is known for their amazing sushi and even better drinks. Items on their menu include red snapper, squid, eel, and scallops. Piranha Killer Sushi is located on 335 W. 3rd St. in Fort Worth, TX. Their phone number is (817) 348-0200.
  3. Sushi Axiom. Sushi Axiom, one of the five best sushi restaurants in Fort Worth, offers a romantic setting and gluten-free and vegan food items. The menu at Sushi Axiom features a variety of vegetable dishes and signature rolls, such as the crab dynamite roll and sushi axiom roll. Sushi Axiom is located on 4625 Donnelly Ave. # 101 in Fort Worth, TX 76107. Their phone number is (817) 735-9100.
  4. Tokyo Cafe. Tokyo Cafe is kid friendly and offers free wi-fi access, in addition to a happy hour for the adults. Tokyo Cafe has a menu that includes a wide variety of soups and sushi items such as salmon, squid, shrimp and red snapper. Tokyo Cafe is located on 5121 Pershing Ave in Fort Worth, TX 76107. Their phone number is (817) 737-8568.
  5. Hui Chuan Sushi. The final sushi restaurant on our list of the five best sushi restaurants in Fort Worth is Hui Chuan Sushi. This restaurant has some very appealing specials, such as the smoked salmon tower, oyster shooters, and special dragon roll. Hui Chuan Sushi is located on 6100 Camp Bowie Blvd in Fort Worth, TX 76116. Their phone number is (817) 989-8886.


Sushi in Fort Worth, TX

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