5 Best Sushi Restaurants: Fresno

If you're in the Fresno, California area and are looking for a great sushi restaurant, try one of these 5 best sushi restaurants: Fresno. Good sushi is hard to find, but each of these restaurants offers a great dining experience and excellent sushi.

  1. Sakura Chaya.  This family-owned and operated business focuses on modern Chinese cooking. This top restaurant has an excellent atmosphere and amazing sushi. They also have some of the most fun sushi chefs on staff creating excellent dishes. They are located at: 690 East Nees Ave. Fresno, California
  2. Sendai Sushi. This top 5 sushi restaurant offers an excellent dining experience in Fresno. They serve very fresh delicious sushi and offer great service and reasonable prices. They are located at: 8064 N. Cedar Ave. Fresno, California
  3.  ROE Pacific Fusion Restaurant, Sushi Bar & Lounge. This trendy upscale sushi restaurant is one of the best in all of Fresno. They offer both traditional and contemporary fresh sushi. Customers can choose to dine in a traditional setting, in semi-private coves in the lounge, or at the two-tiered amazing sushi bar. They are located at: 7845 N. Palm Ave. Fresno, California
  4. Edo-Ya Tokyo Cuisine. This fascinating sushi restaurant is one of the top five in Fresno. They serve authentic Japanese cuisine using extensive innovative presentations. They have an award-winning sushi bar, offer private dining rooms, and have reasonable prices. They are located at: 3050 W. Shaw Ave. Ste 112 Fresno, California
  5. Aqua Shi Asian Fusion Grill. This top sushi restaurant has one of the most contemporary settings of any Japanese restaurant, yet is very relaxing. They serve fresh, delicious sushi and offer tremendously good service. They are located at: 1144 E. Champlain Dr. Fresno, California



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