5 Best Sushi Restaurants: Oklahoma City

Visiting Oklahoma City and interested in the 5 best sushi restaurants? While it is true that sushi is more prevalent in other areas of the country, Oklahoma City offers wonderfully authentic sushi cuisine and assorted sushi bars around the city. 

  1. Sushi Neko. The restaurant is one of the best in Oklahoma City since it offers a delightful ambiance and specialty dishes. Dive into some mouth-watering appetizers such as Tempura, Gyrza, and Negi-Maki. Don't fill up on the appetizers since you will want to leave room for their large sushi selection including Unagi (eel), Toro (tuna), Saba (mackerel) and Kani (crap), plus many other choices. Finish off the meal with some Banana Tempura with Ice Cream for dessert. Sushi Neko: 4318 N. Western, Oklahoma City, OK 73118, 405-528-8862.
  2. Saii Asian Bistro. The establishment ranks as one of the best sushi restaurants in Oklahoma City because of their extensive menu selection and fresh ingredients. Start your meal with Thai Stix, Tempura Avocado or Crab Rangoon. The sushi bar offers a wide selection with notable selections including Tuna Rolls, Yellow Dragon, Challenging Roll, Spider Roll, Crazy Cajun and New Orleans (crawfish). Saii Asian Bistro: 6900 N. May Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73116, 405-702-7244.
  3. Tokyo Japanese. The Tokyo Japanese could be ranked as one of the best sushi restaurants in Oklahoma City by its ambience alone, but add to the fact that their food is scrumptious, and it is a true winner. The appetizer menu itself is extensive offering vegetable options such as Vegetable Tempura and Agedashi Tofu and meat options including Tatsuta Age and Gyoza. Sushi options include Green Mussels, Japanese Snapper, Salmon, Tuna, and Sweet Shrimp, to name a few. Tokyo Japanese: 7516 N. Western Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73116, 405-848-6733.
  4. Shiki Japanese Restaurant. If you are in the mood for one of the best sushi restaurants in Oklahoma City, you owe it to yourself to visit Shiki Japanese. Appetizers include Yakitori, Beef Nagi-Maki and California Roll. The sushi menu is quite extensive, so the one problem you may have is deciding what to order. They have menu items such as the Cucumber Roll, Eel Roll, Captain Crunch, Fatty Tuna, and many other options. Shiki Japanese Restaurant: 4406 W. Reno Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73107, 405-947-0400.
  5. Mr. Sushi. The cafe may not have a remarkable name, but it certainly is one of the best sushi restaurants in Oklahoma City. Enjoy a large selection of appetizers such as Fried Gyoza, Seaweed Salad or Miso Soup. Their signature Maki includes Caterpillar Roll (eel), Salmon Teriyaki Roll and String Cheese Rolls. Other favorites include Spicy Tuna Roll, Tempura Shrimp Roll and Vegetable Supreme Roll. Mr. Sushi: 214 S. Santa Fe Ave., Edmond, OK 73003, 405-285-7310.
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