5 Best Sushi Restaurants: Sacramento

What are the 5 best Sushi Restaurants in the entire metropolitan area of Sacramento? From ultra chic to laid-back sophistication, Sacramento, California has a large selection of Sushi Restaurants to appease all appetites.

  1. Tamaya: Tamaya is a highly-acclaimed sushi and Japanese restaurant in Sacramento. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and local favorites include the Spicy Johnny roll and the Lychee Sake. The affordable prices make it one of the best choices in the city. Tamaya, 2131 J St., Sacramento, CA 95816
  2. Dream Ultra Lounge: The extremely retro décor and wrap-around bar makes the Dream Ultra Lounge on of the hottest sushi restaurants in the downtown area. Diners are welcome to dress casually, or dress up ultra chic for a night of full dancing. Dream Ultra Lounge, 908 15th St., Sacramento, CA 95814
  3. Arigato Sushi:  The Arigato Sushi restaurant offers a variety of sushi for all levels of experiences, from the novice to the expert. Some of the local favorites include the golden gate and the volcano scallop. Arigato Sushi, 1608 Howe Ave., Sacramento, CA 95825
  4. Sushi Café: Sushi Café, located in the Hollywood Park neighborhood offers a variety of high-quality sushi at affordable prices. The sashimi is fresh, and the tempura is hot. The restaurant is located near the college. Sushi Café, 4491 Freeport Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95822
  5. Kawa Sushi Buffet: Looking for a new, more modern way to try all the delicious sushi available? Kawa Sushi Buffet brings sushi to the world of: dash in, eat as much as you want, and leave happy. Guests at the Kawa Sushi Buffet enjoy the remarkably low prices and complementary high quality. Kawa Sushi Buffet, 6930 65th St. Ste 117, Sacramento, CA 95823
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