5 Best Suunto Wrist Watches

Navigating the world of Suunto watches can be difficult, learn about 5 best Suunto wrist watches. Suunto makes watches that do everything from telling time, to acting as a sailing compass to being your personal trainer. Suunto watches vary in price from 50 dollar to almost 1000 dollars. Here are the 5 best Suunto watches:

  1. Suunto Black Collection Wrist Watch. This best Suunto wrist watch doesn't ever need to leave your wrist. The Suunto black collection is discrete enough for fancy occasions and durable enough for even the most intense workouts. The Suunto black collection watch is best for mountain biking or climbing. This best Suunto watch  measures your altitude range up to 9000 meters. You can also store climbing distances and average altitude.
  2. Suunto G6 Wrist Watch. This best Suunto watch is made specifically for golfers. The Suunto G6 wrist watch will improve your golfing performance by measuring your swing. The Suunto G6 watch will tell you the rhythm and tempo of each swing you take. This way you can "feel" the difference between your good swings and bad swings. The Suunto G6 watch also enables you to keep track of scores and handicaps.
  3. Suunto M1 Wrist Watch. The Suunto M1 is the best Suunto watch for you if you are new to working out and you just want to record your time and calculate your heart rate. This simple and stylish watch is easy to use. The Suunto M1 records your heart rate for each workout session and can store up to four weeks of data. You can compare your peak and average heart rates between sessions and improve your fitness.
  4. Suunto X10 Wrist Watch. This best Suunto watch is for the serious runner. The GPS system in this Suunto watch is said to be the most accurate of GPS watches. The Suunto X10 is ideal for running routes you are unfamiliar with. Just map your route on your computer and upload it to your Suunto X10, the watch will direct you throughout your run.
  5. Suunto Observer Wrist Watch. This best Suunto wrist watch is a classic chronograph style watch with a black  polyurethane wrist band. The Suunto Observer acts as a compass, barometer and altimeter. This best Suunto watch measures altitude up to 9000 meters and also measures absolute pressure range and temperature. This is the ideal watch for any serious outdoor climbing, hiking or sports enthusiast.
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