5 Best Suzuki Motocross Bikes

ZOOM ZOOM, check out the 5 best Suzuki Motocross bikes. When you think of Motocross bikes, what comes to mind? Well, what should come to mind is the perfect blend of power, speed, and ruggedness. Without those three elements, a Motocross bike is nothing more than, well, a bike. Lucky for you, Suzuki Motocross bikes have that perfect mixture. They have a number of Motocross bikes on the market, however, if you're looking to grab one, check out these five Suzuki Motocross bikes. These Motocross bike models are guaranteed to get you dirty while you race pass the finish line.

  1. The 2010 Suzuki DR-Z125L. This bike is all about reduction. Confused? Well don't be. This particular Suzuki Motocross bike  has been modified to weigh less, while boasting the same power as older models. It also has improved handling for those pesky jumps on the Motocross tracks. Most importantly, the breaking system has been upgraded just in case you need to slow down suddenly. And you will need to slow down at some point.
  2. The 2011 Suzuki RM-Z450. This model bike is the first to use fuel injection. More importantly, it uses an electronic fuel injection system. This means no battery weighing the bike down. You know about fuel injecting systems right? They make a vehicle go faster because the fuel is being pushed through a lot faster than normally. With the power that this machine possess, it also has unmatched handling and maneuverability. Not to mention, a five speed transmission and comfortable riding position to make it easier for the rider to get the most out of his bike.
  3. The 2010 Suzuki RMX450Z. Complicated name, yes. All you need to know is it has great suspension, and great power to manipulate that suspension. It has a great fuel injection system similar to the RM-Z450. Yes, it pushes the bike to the limit. As far as bikes go, it's one of the more comfortable rides you can get out of a Motocross bike. The positioning of the key components are set up in such a way as to stay out of the rider's way. So you can worry about making jumps and not the stupid engine parts getting in the way.
  4. The 2010 Suzuki RM85. This particular bike is above average in all categories. It has solid handling, a powerful engine, and doesn't weight to much. the reason it makes the list is simple. It's the best bike for newer racers to hone their racing skills on. The seat positioning creates quite the comfortable ride, and newer racers will appreciate how easy it is to control this bike.
  5. The 2010 Suzuki RM-Z250. This powerful Motocross bike has an engine that spits power out at 13,500 rpm. Right. As far as Motocross bikes go, it's a beast. It has a nice slim shape making it easy for the rider to control. Because most of the parts are constructed with aluminum, you can expect the bike to be lightweight. Try this one out if you're good enough.



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