5 Best Swatch Wrist Watches

Swatch has produced so many different watches that it isn't easy to decide on the 5 best Swatch wrist watches. There are Swatch watches to appeal to every personality. Some are classy, some are flashy, and some are just plain fun. You can wear a Swatch watch with jeans and a T-shirt, or a tuxedo. The price can be daunting, but if you go retro, you can find used Swatches for as little as a few dollars.( Just beware of imitations!) Swatch wrist watches are a great collectible and these five will give you an idea of where to get started.

  1. Gc101: The first.  The first group of Swatch wrist watches were released in March of 1983. While they weren't spectacular to look at (and lacked the later creative design names), they were special because they offered a quality Swiss watch that could used for casual wear at a fairly reasonable price.  You can find many of the early pieces for a reasonable price today, but some of the rarer models, such as the Gc101 (in box), run for over 2000 dollars. This watch has a red plastic strap, a round black face, and gold hands. It's a sleek little watch, but nothing very eye-catching compared to later models.
  2.  "Vasily":  The 80's. While even the first Swatch watches came out in the 80's, later designs came to embrace the flamboyant youth culture of the decade. A prime example of this trend is the Swatch "Vasily" from 1986. With a white plastic strap and a face adorned with random neon geometrics, Swatch soon went from following trends to becoming one.
  3. "Fandango" :The Musical. In the 90's, Swatch came out with a series of wrist watches that played a bit of music by a famous musician. While hardly MP-3 quality, they were, and are, unique conversation pieces. "Fandango" is a bright little number in this group, released in 1994. The band and face are adorned in a festival of geometric shapes and bright colors, in a tribute to earlier designs, but the name of the watch refers to the tune the watch plays: "Fandango" by Jean Michel Jarre.
  4. "Serpent" : The Artistic. Swatch had it's first artist editions in 1985 with watches by Keith Haring. "Serpent" now fetches for over 1000 dollars. It's bold lined caricatures of a purple  person riding a green snake, which wrapped around the curve of the watch, proved that true art could fill small spaces.  Swatch now has an annual "artist collection" which showcases new talents to adorn your wrist.
  5. "Swatch Irony Automatic Body and Soul":The Elegant.  Despite it's trend setting ways, Swatch never forgot it's roots. And watches like the "Swatch Irony Automatic Body and Soul", with it's gleaming silver band and visible inner workings, prove that Swatch is still a fine Swiss watchmaker at heart.


Since it shook the Swiss watch making world in 1983, Swatch has produced hundreds of designs and shows no sign of slowing. Swatch watches now adorn the wrists of tiny tots, club goers, and businessmen alike. Their ability to diversify, while still creating a quality product, make them likely to remain a recognized name for years to come.

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