5 Best Swedish Erotic Films

The 5 best Swedish erotic films were somewhat groundbreaking and early films in the genre of exploitation movies that took the subject of sex and turned it into erotic film. Because of Sweden's obsession with being a liberal and socialist country where social norms are very loose to say the least, the country has been at the forefront of producing these erotic films that were meant to shock and discomfort the world's traditional values.

  1. "Anita." "Anita" is a film that tells the story of a psychologically disturbed, young lass who takes out her emotional troubles from indifferent parents and a bad childhood through lots of promiscuous sex. Because of this titillating, it sits atop this list of Swedish erotic films. Ironically, Anita begins a friendship with a local university student who says he wants to help her overcome her nymph-like promiscuity by getting her to finally feel a true orgasm! That's right, the cure to excessive sex is a mind-blowing orgasm to finally calm things down. What?
  2. "I Am Curious (Yellow)." This film from 1969 is the second best Swedish erotic film because it is ambitious in that it tries to correlate the overly promiscuous and hyper-nymphomania of the title character–a sexually curious young lass by the name of Lena, with social justice issues. While it fails to successfully make this connection, "I Am Curious (Yellow)" still serves as a textbook example in how the ideology of the left goes hand in hand with hyper-sexuality and libertine, sexual experimentation.
  3. "Thriller – A Cruel Picture." This Swedish erotic film from 1974 is the number three entry on this list because it served as one of the main inspirations for Quentin Tarantino's ultra-violent "Kill Bill" installments of movies. This was a movie in the rape and revenge genre of erotic film which follows the heartwarming pursuits of a mute gal who is forced into prostitution to pay for her heroin addiction. Instead of taking responsibility for her own decision to become a heroin addict, she takes revenge on the male gender that apparently forced her into prostitution.
  4. "Exposed." "Exposed" rightly deserves the number four position because of its star: Christina Lindberg, who is one of Sweden's most famous and dearest film exploitation stars. In "Exposed," she takes on the challenging role (which really shows her acting chops!) of a young and debauched teen who likes to crave sex. In this Swedish erotic film, her character is torn between the older sadist (but every young, virginal teen girl's dream) called Helge and her more conservative boyfriend by the name of Jan, who may well be a bore in the sack. So, what does she do? Allow Helge to take nude pictures of her and then accept his demand to have a sadomasochistic encounter with him to get them back!
  5. "Language of Love." As far as Swedish erotic films go, this one can be considered more tame because it is supposed to be an education film (sure, an education film about different people getting it on in the most explicit scenes possible, but an education film nonetheless!) rather than an exploitation one. Still, this Swedish erotic film culminated in mass protests of 30,000 people in London's Trafalgar Square, who were against the showing of this scandalous and questionable film.
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