5 Best Swim Goggles

Looking for the 5 best swim goggles on the market? Look no further. Choosing the best swim goggles ensures your eyes stay nice and dry during your laps around the pool or out in open water. The key to making your swim goggles work for you is all in how they fit. Find a pair of goggles that fits snugly and blocks out water, but doesn't pinch your nose or dig into your eyes.

  1. Nike Strapless Goggles. A true wonder in the swimming world, Nike's strapless swim goggles are just what the name implies: strapless. No nose piece and no annoying strap digging into your head while you're enjoying the splendor of underwater swimming. The material around each eye piece sticks directly to the face for a cushy, comfortable wear all day long—no straps required.
  2. Speedo CGX Swim Goggles. Speedo is more than just an embarrassing piece of poolside attire; it's also a brand name and it's top of the line for producing all things related to swimming. The Speedo CGX swim goggles, along with other popular Speedo brands, fit comfortably and conform right to your face. It's like they were made just for you.
  3. FINIS Energy Adult Swim Goggles. With a flexible plastic frame to fit all face shapes, the FINIS Energy swim goggles block out water without leaving horrible red rings around your eyes that leave you looking like an escaped raccoon. For beginners or the occasional swimmer, FINIS swim goggles carry the right price without sacrificing quality.
  4. Rec Specs Swim Goggles. For those high-class swimmers who spend most of their day in the pool, you'll want something long-lasting, extra comfortable and highly ranked in the swim goggle department. Try out any of the Rec Specs swim goggles to fit your needs. They're expensive, but well worth the price.
  5. Swedish Goggles. Not a brand but rather a type, Swedish goggles are sold by a variety of manufacturers and are one of the most popular designs among swimmers of all types. Choose a brand and price range that best fits your needs and dive right into that big, luxurious pool.
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