5 Best Swimming Goggles

The 5 best swimming goggles keep your eyes dry to protect them from chlorine, salt and other unhealthy elements. They also remain clear so that you can see through them. Clear vision is important for swimming races because you need to see the line at the bottom of the pool. It is also generally nice to be able to see regardless of the type of swimming that you are doing. This means that you want your goggles to be coated with an anti-fog coating. Look at the list below if you are looking for the best swimming goggles. 

  1. "Speedo Pro Goggle" – The Speedo Pro has a wide angle lens for greater peripheral vision. It also has ultraviolet protection and an anti-fog coating. 
  2. "Aqua Sphere Seal Mask" – These swimming goggles from Aqua Sphere feature an anti-fog coating for clear vision and a scratch resistant surface for longevity. Aquasphere claims that you can see 180 degrees, so you can see almost as much as if you had no swimming goggles at all. 
  3. "Zura Attack" – If you want a low profile set of swimming goggles that fits well to your face, then this goggle is for you. It has anti-fog and UV protection coating. Zura Sports also boasts a wide angle view. 
  4. "Hammacher Schlemmer's 'The Best Swim Goggles'" – The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute receives some of the best reviews of their swimming goggles. This specific pair offers mirrored coating for high visibility, UV protection and three nose pieces for comfort. 
  5. "TYR Technoflex 4.0 Goggle" – The anti-leak technology is impeccable in this swimming goggle. It also features an anti-fog coating. If you need a goggle that is easy to adjust and fit on your face, then this is one of the best swimming goggles available. 
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