5 Best Swiss Watches

The 5 best Swiss watches are quality timepieces that last many generations. The Swiss reputation for precision and craftsmanship is well-known by watch collectors, but several companies stand out above others for people who look for outstanding watches. 

  1. Rolex: The tiny gold crown incorporated into the Rolex logo says it all. Quality and precision is the keyword at the Rolex company. Diamonds are also the hallmark for Rolex watches since many incorporate diamonds into the watch face, crown and band design. If diamonds aren't to your taste, Rolex models also incorporate rubies and sapphires. The company features stainless steel and platinum metal, but also golds in white, yellow and pink. Match your stones and metal for the perfect combination. Rolex is known for key landmarks in the watch industry including the invention of the self-winding watch that features a perpetual rotor.  
  2. Omega: The Omega company has a rich history in watchmaking. U.S. astronauts wore Omega watches on six lunar landings. The company is the exclusive manufacturer for a certified marine chronometer watch. The company touts its reputation for accurate watchmaking and lists the records in sports time keeping. The first Omega watch was introduced in 1848 in La Chaux-de-Founds by Louis Brandt. Each watch was handmade from pieces constructed by local crafts folks. By 1879, the watch production moved to a factory and assembly line process, but the quality controls ensured excellence. Sports fans know Omega. The company makes unique designs to meet the needs of sportsmen. In 1901, for instance, the company introduced a watch designed for motorcycles. It incorporated a feature that allowed the watch to be attached to the gas tank. 
  3. Victorinox: While the company is also known as the makers of the Swiss Army Knife, they also turn out a mean watch, one of the five best Swiss watches. Victorinox is also known for precision time pieces and in 2009, the company celebrated by introducing commemorative timepieces to celebrate 125 years of making watches. The watches feature classic accessories but in a flash for the present with a bright red face and leather watchband. 
  4. TAG Heuer: This company is also known for precision, no surprise here, and also for interesting designs in dress watches. Car fans know the TAG Heuer name and buy watches as go-alongs for Formula 1 and Porsche Carerras. Accuracy to 1/10000th of a second are guaranteed on the highest performing TAG Heuer watches. The company celebrated 150 years of business operations in 2010. 
  5. Tissot: Most folks know Tissot as the maker of the popular Swatch watches and are unaware of the more than 150-year tradition of watchmaking of the company. Tissot watches show their quality and official expertise as the official timepieces of MotoGP and NASCAR. 
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