5 Best Talking Wrist Watches

Shopping for the 5 best talking wrist watches? Talking wrist watches are an excellent way for anyone with bad vision or any other condition to stay up to date on the time. Many of the talking wrist watches feature benefits beyond the typical wrist watches. These top five talking wrist watches are an excellent aid to anyone who desires a talking wrist watch.

  1. Round III Talking Wrist Watch This simple black watch sold by MaxiAids appears to be a basic digital watch. It features a large digital display as well as a matching black plastic band. The difference is that it actually features an audio time report and an hourly time announcement in a pleasant female voice. This simple watch is very reasonably priced, which makes it one of the five best talking wrist watches.

  2. Extra Large Talking Calendar Watch This watch is a great option for those who need the best talking wrist watch. It is a basic silvertone watch that features a day and date talking calendar and hourly announcements It also features an alarm function with a choice of three different alarm sounds. The numbers are extra large for increased readability.

  3. Man's Gold Tone Talking Watch With a White Face This watch sold by All Low Vision is a great choice for those with bad vision. The white face is a great contrast to the dark letters, which add ease to reading. This watch offers the option of a male or female speaking voice. It also features the excellent one button style for ease of use. This watch also comes in a gold band or a classic black leather band. This is a great choice as one of the five best talking wrist watches.

  4. Kwanwa Quartz Talking Watch This dapper talking wrist watch features a vibrating alarm and sound alarm function. The time and alarm settings are fully adjustable. It also features an hourly alarm function. This wrist watch also features a choice of three alarm sounds. This fashionable Quartz talking wrist watch features a black background and white dials. The sturdy leather strap is a great benefit as well. It is an excellent choice for those who need the best talking wrist watch.

  5. Talking Friend Watch When researching the five best talking wrist watches, it is imperative to include a friend. The design of this talking wrist watch is hilarious. This plastic black watch features a black band that fits most adults. There is a speak button on this watch that announces the time. It also includes a wide variety of alarm sounds to add variety.

When searching for the perfect talking wrist watch, the best option is a watch that covers all major needs. For those who are vision impaired, a talking wrist watch with extra large numbers is a great option. On the other hand, for those in a dark area who need time announcements, a digital option could be better. These five wrist watches are great examples of the many options available.

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