5 Best Tears For Fears Songs

Tears For Fears is one of the best new wave bands of all time, and the top 5 Tears for Fears songs are among the most impressive pieces created in that genre. The music is often extremely intricate with a lot of electronic elements, which were just starting to become really mainstream at that time. Many Tears For Fears songs have incredible melodic texture and some of them are also highly memorable.

  1. “Mad World” is one of the best Tears For Fears songs if you’re looking for something a little bit melancholy. This song lyrically reflects a boredom with life and a sense of sadness that there is no real adventure.
  2. “Shout” is an angrier tune than most of the other Tears For Fears songs. This song became an anthem in the 1980s, and it’s still emotionally powerful. It’s also incredibly catchy, and it’s hard to listen to “Shout” without singing along.
  3. “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” is probably one of the most well remembered Tears For Fears songs. The lyrics reflect a sense that everything could be lost at any time, so we should try to live life to the fullest.
  4. “Sowing The Seeds of Love” is much more political than most tears for fear songs. The verses are full of anger about the political situation, while the chorus reflects a hope that things might eventually change.
  5. “Head Over Heels” is probably the purest love song on this list of the top Tears For Fears songs. It’s really a wonderful pop song, and it showcases all the incredible melodic polish you expect from Tears For Fears music.
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