5 Best Teen Documentaries

The 5 Best Teen Documentaries are those documentaries which intrigue you, make you wonder about life and about what is going on in the world. Not all documentaries are real but will be reenactments of what occurred during the initial shooting of the film. Others are based on true stories and are in the movie format while telling a true story. The last ones are the true-to-life testament of what happened and how it went down. 

  1. "CUT: Teen and Self-Injury" – This film delves into the subject of teen cutting, an epidemic that has been sensationalized and impacted by the views of media and society. This independent teen documentary will show you the an inside look (like documentaries do) and make an impact that can only be done by listening to stories of real people experiencing these very real traumas. This documentary is meant to shock and probe and provides answers wonderfully for anybody who questions the subject.
  2. "Wassup Rockers" – Based off of a true story of some skateboarding kids from the ghetto, this documentary shows how persecuted people can be when they clash within a culture. The teens have a wild adventure which leads them on a wild chase throughout the city where they meet up with people who don't agree with their lifestyle.
  3. "Kizzy: Mum at 14" – This hard-hitting BBC Documentary describes the troubles which plague teen mothers all across the world. At just fourteen years-old, this girl is subjected to becoming a single mother as her thirteen year-old boyfriend disappears upon learning that she is pregnant. Want a movie that will scare your daughter and/or son into never having sex? This one is the teen documentary which will provide that lesson in life.
  4. "Thirteen" – Based on a true story as well, this movie shows how peer pressure and teen influence can destroy a childhood. A very insightful teen documentary which has been one of the first to truly delve into the way one bad seed can destroy a future. This is highly recommended for the parents of teen girls or even teen girls themselves. Okay maybe it's not a documentary in the conventional sense, but this film makes the same impact on teens as all of the other documentaries on this list. 
  5. "American Teen" – This has been the widely publicized hit of the 2008 Sundance Film Festival and is a very true portrayal of HIgh School. People think that just because they went to high school, they know what it is all about…. Boy, how you are wrong. This movie is the perfect teen documentary because it has everything to keep you entertained from the love story to the drama all the way to the action and partying. After all, isn't that why we all miss high school? Perfect movie, so many great moments.

In addition to films on the silver screen, MTV seems to put a new teen documentary reality show out every week. But teens face so many issues today that no one teen documentary could pinpoint every issue inside of a single movie. This is why different Documentaries that involve cliques and confrontation are able to be similar yet completely different. Teens, can't they ever just become an understandable species?

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