5 Best Tennis Overgrips

The 5 best tennis overgrips are there for you in case you want to add more circumference to your tennis racquet's grip. These beautiful overgrips also come in a variety of vibrant colors, which you'll like if you have stylistic concerns. After they expand the padding of your tennis racquet, you'll usually enjoy better grip, control and performance.

  1. Wilson Pro Overgrip Tennis Racquet Grip. This tennis overgrip by Wilson is super thin, features a high stretch felt surface and is made out of polyurethane, which is why it is at the number one spot. The next time you need to get that last backhand in, you will thank Wilson for the superb grip on your racquet.
  2. Unique Tourna Extra Long Original Dry Feel Tennis Grips. Unique's dry feel tennis overgrips are proud to be made in the USA and are used by the best of the pros like Pete Sampras and John Isner. This deserves the number two spot on the list, because while other overgrips become slippery when moisture occurs, this tennis overgrip actually performs better!
  3. Gamma Grip 2 Overgrip. Gamma's tennis overgrip comes in at number three due to its extra tacky and extra thin surface that simply provides for better gripping traction and thus, better control. When you want enhanced performance out of your tennis game, be sure to apply Gamma's tennis overgrip to your racquet.
  4. Yonex Super Grab. The tennis overgrip from Yonex promises two things many overgrips cannot: It will increase the playability of your tennis racquet by absorbing perspiration and by taking in shock! This will equal much improved feel and control for you, so you can hit those tennis ball with more confidence than ever.
  5. Prince Microzorb Overgrip. Prince's Microzorb Overgrip sits at the number five spot, because it is absorbent and removes moisture from your racquet's handle reducing tack. This will have you in full control of your tennis racquet in no time. As a bonus, Prince's overgrip comes in three cool colors: yellow, black and white.
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