5 Best Tennis Racquet Strings

Here are the 5 best tennis racquet strings. In general, strings have several different characteristics that are better or worse for different players. Keep in mind that a higher gauge of string is weaker but more playable, while the lower gauge of string is stronger but more clumsy. Some of the most important characteristics can change within string types, but the five best strings for all types of play are as follows:

  1.  Wilson Natural gut 16 gauge strings. Power of the string. All strings may be able to produce different amounts of power to the playing style you are using. These strings are able to produce lots of power and control but may break easier and are more expensive than normal strings. These strings are however used by some of the best players around such as Roger Federer.
  2. Babolat VS Natural ThermoGut 16 Touch String. These strings are also used by many professionals on tour. They are natural gut with special thermogut technology which makes them even more durable than typical natural gut racquet strings.
  3. Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough 16L Strings, sport lots of bang for much less buck. These strings are composed of nylon, fluocarbon, and aluminum fibers which make it much more durable than natural gut. The technology is claimed to give you just as much power and control, but most likely you should be happy spending four times less money and not worry if that is as true as they say.
  4. Babolat Hybrid Hurricane Tour 16+ VS 16 String is a very compromising string that combines polyester and natural gut. Natural gut is the most playable string, yet less durable. Polyester and other synthetic stings are more durable and sometimes more powerful. This string is best suited for a large array of players of different playing levels. The price as you can imagine is lower than natural gut and more than some synthetics.
  5. Wilson Champion's Choice Hybrid 16 String is similar to the Babolat hybrid and a great string. The only reason this string follows the previous is because Babolat has been making strings since Tennis was invented. Babolat invented the natural gut tennis string. The Wilson strings however are often a little cheaper and still preferred exclusively by some professionals.
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