5 Best Tennis Racquets 2008

One of these 5 best tennis racquets of 2008 should help you improve your tennis game. With the advanced technology that is put into designing tennis racquets, you are sure to find one that matches your skill level and performance style. The type of grip, the string density, and the construction of each racquet will be factors in determining which tennis racquet is right for you.

  1. Prince Tour Diablo MP Tennis Racquet. This is a durable and solid racquet made of titanium, copper, tungsten and carbon.  The ninteen millimeter beam lets you stay in complete control of the racquet at all times even when delivering powerful strokes. 
  2. Head MicroGEK Prestige Tennis Racquet. The Head MircroGEK racquet retails around $165 and is built for the advanced tennis player or players with aggressive strokes. The graphite frame is lightweight and the hydrosorb grip prevents your hands from slipping during the swing. 
  3. Babolat Drive Z118 Tennis Racquet. Retailing under $100, this racquet is great for beginners. Babolat’s Cortex system reduces the vibrations from the tennis racquet allowing you better control. The string density is a little higher than most with a string pattern of sixteen mains and twenty crosses. 
  4. Dunlop Aerogel 4D 300 Tennis Racquet. The Dunlop Aerogel racket can withstand any amount of power that you can put behind it. The four directional braiding made of S-glass fibers is much more durable than the standard carbon used on competitors racquets. This technology also provides a softer feel when the ball and racquet connect. 
  5. Wilson BLX Tidal Wave Tennis Racquet. The Wilson brand has been making tennis equipment for many years. This racquet is designed for players with a moderate swing speed and a power level that is mid-range. It is easy to swing and maneuver when you are close to the net. Priced at about $150, it would be a great choice for someone who plays tennis on a regular basis. 
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