5 Best Thai Erotic Movies

Take a short trip to Asia with these 5 best Thai erotic movies. Thailand is a land filled with mystery and millenary culture. When it comes to erotic pleasures, Thai directors and performers surely know how to deliver the best in carnal expression.

  1. “Luk Noi Nid”. It’s a Thai erotic movie that plays with fantasy from beginning to end. The transitions between normal scenes to more erotic acts are very well done. This is achieved by using captivating music and dreamlike effects. You don’t see great acting here, but the effects are fun and the eroticism is hot.
  2. “The Friend”. This Thai erotic film is more of a traditional modern erotic movie. Thai directors use excellent soundtracks for their erotic scenes. You feel like you’re watching a 70’s soft core movie, since the music is quite funky.
  3. “Jum Luey Pissawas” Thai film stars Sasiorn Worrapunyakiet and Wiwat Tanonthip make their appearance in this flick. This movie's all about pure Thai erotism, just for the viewer's pleasure. One of the main features in this particular film is the use of artistic make-up on the actresses during their sex scenes. The main plot in this Thai exotic film is all about money and greed, with no regards to moral standards. Here, the only things that matter are personal interestsm, sex and money.
  4. “Khom Khuen Sob” This is an erotic movie to frighten your every viewing second. The erotism in this movie comes packed with horror tones for your viewing pleasure. Don’t expect to only watch Thai sex scenes in this flick. There is also a thrilling plot to look forward to.
  5. “Choo Ruk Chua Niran” This Thai movie doesn’t aspire to set any new erotic standards whatsoever. Throughout the film, the scenes play out in a simple, fluid way. There are great scenery shots, coupled with a basic plot where warm hearts find their way into each others arms.
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