5 Best Thailand Brothels

There are five best Thailand brothels that both the natives and non-natives enjoy visiting when the opportunity arises. The politically correct name for a brothel in Thailand is a massage parlor and people visit these establishments for their own personal enjoyment. Though there is a monetary price involved these brothels cater to whatever the client’s requests are in order to keep them happy. Here is a list of the five best brothels in Thailand:

  1. La Belle formerly known as the Mona Lisa is a massage parlor in Bangkok that specializes in soapy massages. The prices for their massages are average considering it is in a more elite part of town however; there is no comparison to the price paid when in the United States. This massage parlor is clean and chic attracting top quality clientele, and the masseuse are approachable so the clients do not feel like the girls are being forced to work in this establishment. The La Belle is a top massage parlor because of its soapy massage specialty and the fact that repeat customers do not see a high turnover. La Belle: New Petchburi Road,  Next door to Siam Hotel.
  2. Emmanuelle is also a top massage parlor in a well-established area in Bangkok.  This parlor has a clientele that just keeps coming back for more because they ensure their client’s happiness by submitting to all their requests. Though requests are honored at this parlor there is nothing going on that will endanger the client or masseuse because there are code words used when someone feels like they are in danger. The women who work here all specialize in soapy massages and the client can get a beautiful young masseuse of any size to perform whatever service he desires. Emmanuelle: 55 Ratchadapisek Road, Dindaeng, Bangkok
  3. Hi-Class is smaller than the average massage parlors in Bangkok but it is just as nice and safe. The women who work at this parlor are medium to larger size, so for those men that enjoy the touch of a young woman with soft hands who is not petite in size this is the place to do business. Though this brothel sits behind the Emmanuelle building it is just as popular, the difference is that the price range is less and that is because the building is smaller in space. Even with the smaller than average building for a massage parlor it has plenty of repeat customers who are happy to pay less and don’t mind the close quarters in space. Hi-Class: Behind Emmanuelle, Ratchadapisek Road, Bangkok
  4. Monika is a massage parlor that is actually in the same building as the La Belle, this parlor is different from the La Belle in that its specialty is bath oil massage. This brothel is located on the second floor of the La Belle’s building and is just as nice. Monika’s caters to a mixture of clients from both men and women to the aggressive and non-aggressive personality types. There is nothing-shady going on in this establishment but if you are new to visiting the Thailand brothels then you will be intimidated by the approach that is used towards the client. Monika: 2nd floor Mona Lisa Massage, New Petchaburi Road, Bangkok
  5. Poseidon is a ten-story entertainment building that has different categories of women on every floor. This makes it easier for the clientele because if he is not satisfied with what he sees he can always go to another floor where the women are different in size and age. Even though the Poseidon is in a nice area of town it is not an elite business when compared to the other parlors in the area. The women who work at this establishment are more standoffish towards the client until they pay for their services. This parlor does not appear to trust its clients unlike the other parlors in the area, this may be because most of the clients who come here are a mixture of male virgins to military men. Poseidon: 209 Ratchadapisek Road, Dindaeng, Bangkok
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