5 Best Thin Mens Watches

Not just any watch will do, which is why we came up with a list of the best thin men’s watches on the market. After all, watches are important for any occasion whether to wear at the office, on a date or just to run errands. When it comes to a professional look, thin watches are the way to go. We figured we could save you some time finding the best thin men’s watches so you can use that time showing off your new bling.

  1. Citizen Thin Eco Drive Watch. Thin on the wrist and easy on the wallet, we thought this was the perfect first pick for our list of the best thin men’s watches. The watch band comes in different colors so choosing one that matches your wardrobe should be a piece of cake. It's also versatile enough to wear just about anywhere.

  2. Croton Men’s Ultra Thin Quartz Titanium Bracelet Watch. This one made our list of the best thin men’s watches on the market because there is no doubt that it’s going to be the talk of the town if you own one. Sleek, yet, sturdy enough for any occasion, it can be worn to parties, to work or even on vacations. But what puts it in a class of its own is that it is distinctive and doesn't easily blend in with other designs.

  3. Casio QuartzThin Case Men’s Watch. As the name suggests, this model has a thin case that won’t leave a big suntan mark on your arm after wearing it. It made our list of the best thin men’s watches because it’s fancy enough to be worn with formal attire but rugged enough to be worn on a lazy afternoon or even at the beach. But don't wear it in the salty water!

  4. Skagen Mesh Men’s Watch. This is the only mesh model on our list of the best thin men’s watch, but make no mistake that it holds up just as well as any other on our list. In fact, if you are outdoorsy and like to have fun a lot, you might consider this to be a top choice on this list. It's the perfect vacation watch.

  5. Danish Design Men’s Gold Plated Titanium Ultra Slim Watch. Finishing our list of the best thin men’s watches, this is probably one of the thinnest options you will find on the market. The gold plated titanium makes it desirable for anyone who wants to impress others with their taste in accessories. This is the most suitable watch for formal parties and dinners from this list of 5 best thin watches.

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