5 Best Third Date Ideas

If you're trying to win over the girl of your dreams, you're going to need the 5 best third date ideas. If the first date is for introductions and the second date is to ensure she's a sure thing, the third date is where you let her know that you're the right guy for her. This is where you get creative and do more than just dinner and a movie. If you really want to sweep her off her feet, be sure to follow some of these best third date ideas.

  1. Play paintball. Show her you're more than just a pretty face by slapping a mask over it and getting covered in paint. This is one of the best third date ideas because it makes you both do something physical and spices your day up with a little bit of competition. Even if your lady is the prim and proper type, throw her a set of dirty sweats and ensure her that it doesn't hurt too much to get hit by a paintball. Make things a little more fun by having the loser buy the winner dinner, but pick up the check anyway to show her you're still a gentleman.
  2. Visit an art museum. Invite a little bit of culture into your life by taking your lady to an art museum on your third date. Be sure to read up a little bit on the featured exhibits so that you won't feel like an idiot staring at the installations. Your research will pay off even more when you toss out an interesting fact about the artist. Her eyes will grow wide as she discovers a side of you she never knew existed. If you can, be sure to go during the week to avoid the crowds.
  3. Go to the theatre. This is more than just heading to the local cinema and catching the latest blockbuster. This means getting yourself into a nice suit, leading your lady by the arm and sitting through an opera or dramatic masterpiece. Much like the art museum, this is a great third date idea because it shows her that you have some culture hiding within you and you're willing to forego a night at the bar if it means sitting in the mezzanine with her. Even if you get bored by the second act, do your best not to show it. Unless, of course, she hates it too—then you two have more in common and something to talk about before the final curtain falls.
  4. Theme park. The only caveat about this great third date idea is that it doesn't work during the winter, unless you live on the West Coast. If you have the opportunity, going to a theme park with her is a great and casual way to get to know her without seeming too forward. Show off your skills by winning her a giant stuffed animal or see who screams the loudest when you both go on the thrill rides. Just do your best to not overload on corn dogs and puke all over her dress—nothing ruins a great third date like a pile of vomit.
  5. The beach. All women love the beach; there's no doubt about that. Plan out an entire day where you two can lay out in the sun during, possibly go to a local restaurant for lunch, swim in the afternoon, then have a romantic picnic dinner by the time the sun goes down. Throw in a moonlight walk on the sands for some extra romance and she may even invite you to go skinny dipping with her.
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