5 Best Thrift Stores In New York City

When visiting or shopping around New York it is worthwhile to visit some of the best thrift shops in New York City. The thrift shops in New York City have varied and wide selections of clothing and accessories to choose from. Also, many of the items you will find will be of good quality and some may have never been worn and still have the tags on.

  1. City Opera Thrift Shop. "City Opera Thrift Shop" is well know as being one of the best thrift shops in New York City with some of the best quality clothing seen in thrift stores. Many people may expect this thrift store to be really expensive but the prices for the amazing pieces at "City Opera Thrift Shop" are inexpensive.  This store has a good selection of men clothing and accessories. For men, there are good suits and shirts to be found. This store has been mentioned in many high fashion magazines. It is located at 222 East 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010-4605
  2. What Comes Around Goes Around. "What Comes Around Goes Around" is a good thrift shop to visit in New York City if you are looking for vintage brand name clothing. They even have a website and have been featured on television and magazines. At this shop you can find both vintage items and new clothing. Unlike many thrift stores, they have a good selection of men clothing however, the prices can be a bit high for a thrift shop. This is one thrift store that will require hours of searching to get a great deal. What Comes Around Goes Around is located at 351 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013
  3. Metropolis Apparel. "Metropolis Apparel" has many great quality clothing from the sixties, seventies and eighties for men. Even though the prices tend to stay below $100, the pricing is still high for a thrift store. However, the cost is worth it considering that the quality of clothing is good. They also have a great boot collection for both men and Women. Metropolis manages to maintain a loyal costumer base mostly because they have such great choices of clothing to choose from and their costumer service is said to be good. You can visit Metropolis Apparel at 43 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10003.
  4. No Relation Vintage. This is one of the best thrift stores in New York City. Most of the clothing is priced below 25 dollars and there are many items of clothing for men to choose from.  This store is praised for it's affordable vintage t-shirts, sweaters, and outwear that it has available for sale it is also known for having many items from the seventies and eighties. Finding something you like though, can take hours of searching. Make sure you wash the clothes you buy here before wearing them because the clothing sold at No Relation VIntage is unwashed.  No Relation accepts credit and debit cards and is situated at 204 1st Avenue, New York City, NY 10009.
  5. Buffalo Exchange. "Buffalo Exchange" has many stores through out the country. The east village store has many clothes to choose from. The quality of clothing here varies and you may have to spend some time looking the racks to find something you like and is in your size. The great thing about "Buffalo Exchange" is that the prices are cheap most things are priced below 20 dollars. There are many designer items that are priced below 40 dollars. If you want to find the real treasures, you will have to spend a good amount of time searching through the racks. The store accepts debit and credit cards and is located at 332 East 11th Street, New York, NY 10003

The most important thing to remember when thrift shopping is to have fun, also make sure to properly wash all clothes you buy before wearing them.

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