5 Best Thriller Movies Of 2007

The 5 best thriller movies of 2007 show pretty conclusively that it was a great year for the genre. Several of the movies are by top directors, and many of them are particularly memorable. Some of them were the kind of thrillers that get awards recognition, while others were simple crowd pleasers, but combined they represent a good range of choices that should please most anybody.

  1. “Michael Clayton” was one of the most critically acclaimed thriller movies of 2007. It starred George Clooney as a man targeted for assassination. The movie does a good job of dealing with the excesses of industrial espionage and business corruption.
  2. “Eastern Promises” shows that director David Cronenberg is still a master of thriller movies. This is about the connection between the Russian underworld and the Russian government. It manages to be both thrilling and fascinating at the same time.
  3. “Disturbia” was more of a popcorn flick than many of the other thriller movies of 2007. The story is about a group of teenagers who become suspicious of their neighbor. It is partially inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s "Rear Window."
  4. “Gone Baby Gone” is definitive proof that Ben Affleck has serious talent as a director of thriller movies. The film stars his younger brother Casey as a detective trying to solve a kidnapping case. It is very dark thematically and deals with the dirty underside that lies hidden in a seemingly normal community.
  5. “Zodiac” was one of the most hyped thriller movies of 2007, and it delivered pretty well. This David Fincher film was based on the true story of a serial killer and manages to be educational along with providing plenty of thrills.
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