5 Best Thriller Movies Of 2010

Hollywood makes more thriller and comedy films than any other genre and this article is about the best thriller movies of 2010. Thrillers almost always involve the main character/characters losing control of their lives or minds and desperately trying to get it back, usually with time against them. Most of the time It is very easy for the movie watcher to identify with the characters in thriller films. Check out this list of the five best thriller movies of 2010.

  1. "Shutter Island" This psychological thriller follows two US marshals who are sent into a remote psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane to find a missing murderess. One of the marshals is really a patient who has relapsed and his doctors, one being the other pretend marshal, are going along with his episode in an attempt to bring him back to reality. 
  2. "Unthinkable" Also a psychological thriller, "Unthinkable" centers around a black ops interrogator and an FBI agent. The two must find the locations of three nuclear bombs hidden in major US cities by interrogating a captured domestic terrorist. After the terrorist has gone through a very brutal and bloody interrogation, the FBI agent is ready to give up hope on getting the information in time. However, the black ops interrogator is willing to do his job even if it means doing the unthinkable, killing the man's innocent children right in front of him. 
  3. "The Ghost Writer" This suspense thriller follows a writer who gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he is asked to write the memoirs of a fictitious former British prime minister—the ghostwriter's predecessor died unexpectedly. As the writer works, he begins uncovering clues left by his predecessor that suggests the former prime minister may have, in fact, been a part of the CIA. Was the ghostwriter's predecessor murdered because of his findings? Will the ghostwriter be next? 
  4. "Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball" This fast-paced thriller matches the wits of federal agents against the best assassins in the world. Fellow agents trying to hide and protect an undercover agent are put to the test as the assassins move in on their target. One by one, agents and assassins die until the last one stands; the undercover agent who set the whole thing up for some good old-fashioned fun. 
  5. "The Losers" A betrayed and thought-to-be-dead black ops team makes their way back to the United States from South America to root out and kill those who tried to assassinate them.



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