5 Best Thriller Movies Ever

The 5 best thriller movies ever offer a wonderful blend of suspense, intrigue and even a few real scares. They all manage to do this while also offering superior artistic qualities and a level of perfection rarely seen in any genre. Thrillers are some of the most emotionally charged movies, so they give directors a chance to showcase their technical skills.

  1. “Vertigo,” which is directed by Alfred Hitchcock, is easily one of the best thriller movies ever made, and some even consider it the greatest film of all time in any genre. The movie is about a retired detective asked to watch over a friend’s wife. He finds himself drawn to her and into a web of intrigue and obsession. 
  2. “Blow Out,” which is directed by Brian De Palma, is one of the best thriller movies made during the 1980s. The movie stars John Travolta as a sound effects expert who witnesses and records evidence of a murder.
  3. Alfred Hitchcock was widely considered to be the greatest director of thriller movies, and many people consider “Rear Window” to be even better than “Vertigo.” It’s about an injured man in a wheelchair who has taken to spying on his neighbors out of boredom. He witnesses a murder and finds himself in danger.
  4. Director Sam Peckinpah was mostly known for his westerns, but “Straw Dogs” proves that he had a knack for thriller movies as well. This incredibly violent film is about a man who moves to the Irish countryside with his wife and encounters a gang of bullying locals. 
  5. David Fincher has made several compelling thriller movies, and “The Game” is probably the most intriguing. It’s about a game for the wealthy that supposed to give them a thrilling experience of danger and intrigue. The only problem is that it’s hard to tell what’s really happening and what is part of the game and eventually,the character begins to question his own sanity.
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