5 Best Timex Pocket Watches

Fans of Timex watches are always looking for the five best Timex pocket watches. Since 1854 Timex has been the best location of high quality gorgeous timepieces. The Timex pocket watch is a staple in the Timex line and was the first watch type that was produced. These five Timex pocket watches embody the spirit of this proud line of quality watches.

  1. Railroad Hunter Pocket Watch. When researching the five best Timex pocket watch this watch offers a unique alternative. Railroad watches are a huge collectors item. This watch contains a sought after 23 jewels which speaks to the accuracy of the watch. This fascinating Timex watch offers a small view of history along with the Timex quality of watch.
  2. Timex T73751 Black Grip Digital Watch. This modern take on the Timex pocket watch is a fun choice for those who need a hands-free timepiece. This watch contains a convenient chronograph, timer, and alarm. It also features a clip snap for ease in attaching to other things. This cool watch also features a pivot head for multiple views.
  3. Timex Expedition Rugged Analog Digital Pocket Watch. This battery powered Timex pocket watch features analog and digital functions. It features the trademark Timex Indigo nightlight. The yellow and black dial is stylish and modern. One of the best features of this Timex pocket watch is the fact that it is water resistant up to 100 feet.
  4. Timex Marathon Stopwatch. This attractive Timex pocket watch features an alarm and a stainless steel back. It is water resistant to 50 meters. The gorgeous watch features a nite mode as well as speed calculation, pacer, workout memory, best lap, total segment and more. The functional simplicity makes this one of the top five Timex pocket watches.
  5. Timex Red Round Timex 1440 Sport Clip LCD Pocket watch. This trendy pocket watch features a hip red and black design. This watch is water resistant up to 50 meters. It features an Indigo nightlight, alarm, and stopwatch. This convenient watch can be clipped anywhere.

These five Timex pocket watches are the best pocket watches because they are unique and well designed. They are constructed of high quality material which allows for rugged use. When searching for the five best Timex pocket watches these are the best option.

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