5 Best Timex Wrist Watches

 Ready to determine what are the five best Timex wrist watches? Timex has a history dating back to 1854. They are pioneers in the field of watch making. They were one of the first companies to attempt to offer lower priced alternatives in watches for the average working man. Over the years Timex has grown its line and gained great strides in technology, styles, and function while maintaining their reputation for reasonably priced watches. These five wrist watches are the best Timex wrist watches available.

  1. E-Altimeter: Timex refers to this wrist watch as a “robust piece of wrist watch technology” and rightly so. It features a digital altimeter with an analog display as well as displays altitude. The E-Altimeter allows a choice of feet or meters. Calibrating this watch is quite simple. It is also water resistant up to 100 meters. The real leather strap is also water resistant. It also features the patented Indigo nightlight with an automatic night mode. When discussing the five best Timex wrist watches, this watch is always on the list. 
  2. Ironman Global Trainer Bodylink System: Ready to sweat? This watch will go the distance. It features a completely customizable display. It also features a cool USB connection. It is also wireless sensor compatible. This option in the list of the five best Timex wrist watches does not stop there, it can “remember” up to twenty workouts. Get real-time feedback on the workout as it happens. While there is an expansive list of features one of the most impressive is that the battery recharges when the USB is plugged in.
  3. Easy Reader: Don't have time to strain to read a watch? The Timex Easy Reader is the perfect alternative. This is one of the top selling Timex watches. The wrist watch features a simple analog display. It also features the genuine leather strap. The Easy reader is water resistant up to 30 meters. Finally, it features a ten year battery life. Simple yet effective are two words to describe this wrist watch. 
  4. Dress Sport: This appropriately named watch features all of the design styling of a dress wrist watch, with many of the features of a sports wrist watch. This top five wrist watch includes the patented Indigo night light system as well as the quick date system. The dress sport wrist watch also features a ten year battery life. This watch goes the distance and is water resistant up to 50 meters.
  5. Timex SL Series Perpetual Calendar: This watch is full of style. It features the perpetual calendar with the day and date feature. It also features a seven year battery. It is water resistant up to 100 meters with a stylish black dial. The design is gorgeous and reminiscent of a much more expensive watch. The stylish design features makes this one of the five best Timex wrist watches.

When researching the five best Timex wrist watches there are many available. Timex has continually updated their line to include the most cutting-edge wrist watches on the market. They offer watches for every taste and price. These five wrist watches feature all of Timex's great design with all of the features that average people need.

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