5 Best Tina Fey Skits

“Saturday Night Live” head-writer Tina Fey reluctantly stepped into the spotlight to become a cast member on the series, which lead to the 5 best Tina Fey skits on “SNL.” Take a look at some of her funniest bits before she left the legendary late night show to become the multi-Emmy award winning star of “30 Rock.”

  1. Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. In a series of appearances that arguably cost Sarah Palin the vice presidency, the “SNL” look-a-like’s impression of the Alaskan Governor tops the list of five best Tina Fey skits. From her spot-on inflection, to the smug expression, to each and every “You betcha,” Fey nailed Palin “both figuratively and literally.” The best of the Fey-Palin sketches was the often word-for-word recreation of the disastrous Katie Couric interview. Did she say anything of substance? She’s just “gonna have to get back to ya” on that. 
  2. Weekend Update. In 2000, Tina Fey joined Jimmy Fallon at the Weekend Update anchor desk, making this ongoing segment a shoe-in for the list of five best Tina Fey skits. Making glasses and brains sexy, Fey brought a sophisticated humor to the desk. After Fallon retired from the show, Fey and new co-anchor Amy Poehler made “SNL” history becoming the first female team to take the news desk.
  3. Mom Jeans. Tina Fey doesn’t say a word in this fake commercial on the list of five best Tina Fey skits. All the women of “Saturday Night Live” appear in this sketch about high elastic-waisted, pleated denim slacks. Not only is the skit funny, the phrase made it’s way into popular culture and came back to bite Jessica Simpson when a photo of her in “mom jeans” fueled gossip columnist speculation that the pop star had put on weight.
  4. Bush Twins. The next entry on the five best Tina Fey skits teams Fey and Poehler as the Bush twins. Their secret twins ubbi dubbi languge a la Mush Mouth on “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids” is hysterical when applied to “ba-weapons of ba-mass ba-destruction.” 
  5. Lady Business. This sketch on the five best Tina Fey skits is a teaser for a saucy primetime drama called “Lady Business.” The send up to shows like “Lipstick Jungle” and “Cashmere Mafia” tells the tale of three women “with beauty, power,and money.” Fey is not one of these women. She is Nan Winters Rodriguez “a woman who knows them somehow… maybe from college” and she “removes dead animals from under people's home with a dead animal vacuum or a hook.
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