5 Best Titan Wrist Watches

The 5 best Titan wrist watches are made by the Indian maker of watches, Titan. A relatively young company in the watchmaking world, Titan has only been in operation since 1987. Titan is the world's sixth-biggest maker of watches and features watches that are functional, bold and diverse with a whole host of shapes, sizes and pricing models being available to consumers.

  1. Gents Nebula. The Gents Nebula series of Titan watches takes the top spot because of their commitment to function and style. Wear one of these Titan series watches on your wrist and receive compliments for its stark contrast of a black strap that complements the watch's white dials and hands. The next time you want a dependable, Indian-made watch, look to the Gents Nebula.
  2. Gents Regalia. If you are looking for a wrist watch that is both attractive and dedicated to providing you with reliable time keeping, look no farther than the Gents Regalia series. With this series, Titan has made sure that you get a chronograph with an alarm, which is key if you want to be able to accurately measure time in a number of situations.
  3. Gents Steel. The Gents Steel series of watches by Titan brings back that rectangular face look of men's watches, which is a good reason why it occupies the number three slot. With well-defined and sharp edges, this Titan watch makes an uncompromising impression with its gold arms and numerals that are nicely contrasted against a black dial.
  4. Gents Edge. The Gents Edge wrist watch will appeal to lovers of aesthetic value, especially since it features a smart contrast of an Avignon Brown wrist band along with a silver white dial that almost looks like stainless steel. The next time you want an effective watch to pair with casual clothes for the weekend, think of the Gents Edge.
  5. Gents Karishma. Gents Karishma is the series of Titan wrist watches that you put on if you want to impress important clients, business associates or acquaintances whom you want to keep jealous. With a sheet metal strap and a black dial face to really highlight its contrast, the Gents Karishma is effective at making heads turn.
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