5 Best ‘Tombstone’ Movie Quotes

The 5 best "Tombstone" movie quotes are the quotes that really stand out in the film. This 1993 Western film starring Kurt Russell, Bill Paxton, Sam Elliot, and Val Kilmer was an instant success back when it hit the theaters, and viewers still love to quote this classic movie even years later. Continue reading to find out what the 5 best "Tombstone" quotes are!

  1. "I'm your Huckleberry." This classic quote from "Tombstone" was recited by the character Doc Holliday. It basically means, "I'm the man you want for the job", and Doc Holliday says this to another character just as he's about to take him down. This is one of the most memorable quotes of the movie, as well as one of the most well-known. 
  2. "Why Johnny Ringo, you look like somebody just walked over your grave." Another famous line in "Tombstone" from Doc Holliday. Holliday and Ringo come face to face, and Holliday challenges Ringo to a final gunfight. In the end, Holliday kills Ringo in the fight, making the quote even more meaningful.
  3. "I just want to let you know, you're sittin' in my chair." The character known as Wyatt Earp says this famous quote right before a face off with Johnny Tyler. Earp ends up winning the argument, but not before slapping Tyler across the face several times and putting him in his place. 
  4. "I have two guns, one for each of you." Another great quote by Doc Holliday. A drunken Holliday is about to get into a fight with another cowboy, who tells him he's too drunk to fight and that he was probably seeing two of him instead of one. Holliday whips out two guns and this famous quote as a response. 
  5. "I want your blood, and I want your souls. And I want them both right now." This memorable quote was recited by Johnny Ringo when asked why he was bothering everyone. The belligerent Ringo then decides to challenge everyone to a gunfight, and he is ignored by most, except Doc Holliday. Holliday challenges Ringo on the spot, but the fight is broken up by the other characters. 
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