5 Best ‘Tommy Boy ‘Movie Quotes

If you’ve seen the movie, the 5 best “Tommy Boy” movie quotes will kill you every time. If you haven’t, get with the program. Chris Farley was the best kind of comedian, the type who could make even the most pedestrian material funny with his commanding presence and insistent lunacy. Here’s your daily dose of comedy gold.

  1. “John Hancock…it’s Herbie Hancock!” This “Tommy Boy” quote goes great lengths to showing both the sheer stupidity of this movie and the madcap, free associative zaniness permeating it. The scene this one liner comes along with is replete with yet more verbal idiocy of the best kind, as Tommy intones, upon seeing his workplace fridge “You could put six packs of be…soda in here.”
  2. “You take dead animals to the vet?” Oh, “Tommy Boy.” You know you’re dealing with pure cinematic lunacy when a film about the dimwitted heir to an auto parts company includes a very serious conversation about disposing of a deer corpse. The brief, bizarre and hilarious conversation also sees David Spade’s Richard quipping that he’d take Tommy to the vet and, two or three lines of dialogue later, Tommy’s delayed response non-sequitur reply: “Shut up.”
  3. “Does this suit make me look fat?” is a ridiculous “Tommy Boy” quote made all the more absurd by the fact that Chris Farley knew well how fat he was and played to it as a physical comedy strength. There he is, all 300 or so pounds of him, standing there stuffed into a little suit, and all Richard can think to come back with is the oh so appropriate “No, your face does.” Touché.
  4. “You kids better pray to the god of skinny punks this wind doesn't pick up, cuz if it does I'm gonna sail over there and shove an oar up your ass.” This “Tommy Boy” movie quote doesn’t require much explanation because, well, what is there to explain? There’s boating, skinny punks, anger, oars and a relatively calm day without much head wind driving the sail boats. And how does this fit into a film about the heir to an auto parts company? We’ll let you figure that one out.
  5. “Fat guy in a little coat,” isn’t just a great “Tommy Boy” quote, it’s a catchy song. In an effort to cheer the dour Richard, Tommy puts on his buddy’s suit coat and swings in circles singing, “Fat boy in a little coat.” It and of itself it really isn’t that funny, but in the context of the film, despite the fact that the segment lasts less than 30 seconds, it’s somehow totally hysterical.  Get down with it.  
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