5 Best Tommy Lee Tattoos

The 5 best Tommy Lee tattoos are not necessarily the most visible. While the rocker is known for his wild lifestyle and tattooed and pierced body, some of his decorations are personal items of true emotions. Some of them almost scream "don't judge my heart by my skin". For any Tommy Lee fan, whether it be for his Motley Crue drumming or his D.J. work, can appreciate his love of art and tattoos.

  1. The Back Piece. One of the best Tommy Lee tattoos covers almost his entire back. The abstract design resembles the wings of a butterfly, but has never been confirmed as such. The tattoo is made only from black lines of various widths. No color or words are present.
  2. Double Dragons. On the list of best Tommy Lee tattoos is the two dragons on his upper chest. The abstract dragons are large and face each other from each side of the upper chest.
  3. Mayhem. The signature word of the drummer is one of the best Tommy Lee tattoos. In large old English letters, the word covers the majority of his stomach in an arch shape.
  4. Coi Fish. One of the best Tommy Lee tattoos is the Coi fish pond on his left arm. The colorful fish are the main focus of the tattoo sleeve. The back story is rumored to be that he modeled the tats after the Coi pond in his living room.
  5. Hand Stars. On the list of best Tommy Lee tattoos the stars cannot be ignored. On each of his hands is a large red star outlined in thick black lines. The names of each of his sons lie just below these tats, indicating who the stars in his life really are.
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