5 Best ‘Top Gun’ Movie Quotes

When people remember “Top Gun,” they can’t help but think of the 5 best “Top Gun” movie quotes. Released in the summer of 1986, “Top Gun” told the story of an elite military flying school where advanced fighter pilots competed for a coveted award. “Top Gun” made Tom Cruise a household name and gave pop culture several memorable movie quotes.

  1. Maverick: “I feel the need…” Maverick, Goose: “…the need for speed!” With its fast planes, good-looking pilots, and nail biting in-flight battle, "Top Gun" became a blockbuster hit and grossed $350 million dollars worldwide. Everyone “felt the need for speed,” making this the best "Top Gun" movie quote.
  2. Stinger: “…Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash.” Throughout the movie, Tom Cruise’s character is portrayed as a driven, arrogant pilot with something to prove. Stinger’s movie quote foreshadows the danger Maverick’s risk taking poses to himself and others.
  3. Carole: “God, he loved flying with you Maverick. But he would've done it anyway… without you. He'd have hated it, but he would've done it.” When Goose dies, Maverick’s confidence crumble as he struggles to determine his future. Viper tries to offer support and encouragement, but Maverick remains haunted by the loss of his friend. Carole’s statement forces Maverick to begin the process of acceptance and moving forward, providing another best quote from “Top Gun.”
  4. Iceman: “You can be my wingman any time.” Maverick: “…You can be mine.” Although the military clears Maverick and allows him to graduate with his Top Gun class, he faces the real test of his abilities during the dogfight over enemy lines. Fans waited anxiously to see if Maverick would freeze, or overcome his demons and save Iceman, a rival of Maverick’s throughout the story. When these two pilots embrace after landing safely, patrons in many theaters actually cheered and this best “Top Gun” quote was born.
  5. Charlie: “Hello, Pete Mitchell. I heard the best of the best were going to be back here, so uh…” Maverick: “This could be complicated.” Although “Top Gun” is an action movie, the love story that develops between Charlie and Maverick gave female viewers a powerful reason to watch. Initially, they fight their attraction, and then give in to those feelings only to be ripped apart by Maverick’s guilt about Goose’s death. When they meet again at the bar near the training school, this quote, another of "Top Gun’s" best quotes, lets movie goers know that these two characters have a bright future.



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