5 Best Top Rope Anchors

The five best top rope anchors offer the best in hold and ease of use. The best mountain climbing anchors offer security and ensure mobility when scaling or repelling from a mountainside. When buying your mountain climbing anchors, do your homework based on the type of climbing you will be doing and the terrain and availability of footholds for the type of hanger you purchase. This article looks at five of the best anchors for basic rock and mountain climbing, in several different scenarios.

The five best mountain climbing anchors are:

  1. Coeur Stainless Steel Hanger 12mm is a popular hanger that offers professional grade stainless steel constructions. This is a multi-directional hanger, which will make your adventure that much easier. The design directs the force to the optimal direction to avoid unnecessary strain.
  2. Fixe Stainless Steel Ring Anchor offers 26 Kn strength and full three hundred and sixty degree rotation. This is great for most any rotation of rock or mountain climbing, with its rust resistant construction.
  3. Fixe Stainless Steel Chain Anchor boasts durable stainless steel construction with reinforced chain system to allow for extension anchoring over obstruction. A set of these is necessary for any climbing bag to complete your preparation.
  4. Metolius's Personal Anchor System (PAS) provides daisy chain web fitting for convenient, safe change over when climbing. This sturdy system provides stability and confidence during ascent or descent.
  5. Pentx Stainless Steel Traditional Anchor is a traditionally designed anchor with bivy and belay set ups for quick transitions. This stainless steel construction supports thirty to forty Kn and accepts conventional bolts.



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