5 Best Top Rope Belts

The five best rope belts or harnesses mountain climbing are fitted to provide greatest comfort and security. The type of mountain face you are up against, the time of year and the terrain will reflect on having the right equipment; rope belts are no different. The five best rope belts will give you just what you need to face your adventure with confidence. As always, consult your needs and abilities when choosing a rope belt. This list will look at five of the best rope belts for general climbing needs.

  1. Petzl Navaho Sit Harness is built for adventure. Added stability is found in the double wrap waist with thigh guards. Offers single chest attachment point. The breathable material is lightweight and allows for unrestricted mobility.
  2. Black Diamond Momentum AL Climbing Harness offers a durable and comfortable harness system for the climber who wants to be ready for anything. The sturdy belt adds a chalk holder for ease of marking and a built in belay device. Truly a nice set up for the serious climber, but well suited for the beginner as well.
  3. Black Diamond Aspect Climbing Harness boasts durability and comfort. The additional padding around the hip and thigh provide extreme comfort but does not skimp of stability. Providing added spots for tools and support gear making your adventure a little more comfortable.
  4. Petzl 8003 Full Body Harness provides wide and flexible webbing, allowing full mobility with the added security of a full-body harness. This is a high-strength design with nylon meshing for lightweight construction. This is a multi-use harness from rock climbing to alpine scaling.
  5. Arcteryx A300a Alpine Climbing Harness is a paper-thin harness with all the security of any other top of the line harness. Ultra lightweight with state of the art construction offering supreme mobility, making your adventure truly something special.
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