5 Best Topless Go-go Dancing Scenes In Movies

When properly presented, a listing of well-filmed topless go-go dancing scenes in movies can be considered as an almost scientific pursuit. So think Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking and of course, breasts, G-strings, dim lighting and music playing from a jukebox, and evaluate this study of the five best topless go-go dancing scenes in movies.

  1. “The Wrestler." Marisa Tomei, enough said right? But just in case you purists choose to question the validity of this 2008 film outside Ms. Tomei’s nude scenes, it should be also known that the director of this thought-provoking movie made sure that Tomei, playing the “stripper with a heart of gold," shows her nude breasts.  
  2. “In the Valley of Elah." Released in 2007, this undervalued film features scenes with gifted actress Frances Fisher, an actress in her fifties with breasts that somehow appear to be in their thirties, depicted in a nasty beer bar unabashedly serving drinks topless. These scenes portray realism that may not be appealing to sixteen-year-old boys dreaming of movies rated R, but makes older audiences stand up and take notice of the pure, meaningless sexuality brilliantly shown in just a few brief glimpses.
  3. “True Lies.”Overall, this was a fine film included a go-go bar sequence by definition, in that Jamie Lee Curtis pole dance she performs in her bedroom, for on-screen hubby Arnold Schwarzenegger was both portrayed and shot brilliantly.
  4. “Striptease.” This cinematic train wreck from 1996 is placed near the bottom of the five best topless go-go dancing scenes in movies by virtue of it's title alone.
  5. “Showgirls.” This cinematic train wreck takes its place on the list of five best topless go-go dancing scenes in movies due to the fact that many scenes included in this celluloid disaster take place in clubs and Vegas showrooms and stages. But this particular film made the list not because of those scenes, but because this opus was for the most part one big topless go-go dancing scene.
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