5 Best Trance Albums

The explosion of electronic music into the mainstream makes naming the 5 best trance albums a challenge. The genre is constantly evolving and the difference or similarities between trance, house, techno, etc. change as quickly as new music is released. For lovers of trance music and everything it has been and will become, this list is sure to please lovers of that four-on-the-floor, heavy bass, synth-laced sound:

  1. “Global Underground – Hong Kong” -John Digwood. Indescribable is one word that could be used when discussing this album. A mixset compilation of Digweed’s Hong Kong set for the world-renowned Global Underground series; the album stands out as a feat of Progressive Trance greatness. The track selection is obscure, yet the mix is so deft and sounds so good that the album sounds as if it were created as one complete piece. This piece stands head and shoulders above much of the Global Underground series and is one of the five best trance albums ever.
  2. “Perfecto Presents Another World” -Paul Oakenfold. This musical menagerie fuses trance and progressive house into an album with the energy of an all night rave. Occasionally criticized for it’s commerciality, there is no denying the album is a good listen and is capable of bringing a big club vibe to the smallest party.  With all of the electronic and trance music available this is worthy of being considered one of the best trance albums ever.
  3. “Airdrawndagger” SashaA polarizing album and the first studio production from one of the world’s super D.J.’s, people either love it or hate it. Walking a fine line between ambient and electro trance, it stands on its own as a concept album of broad reach and ambition. With song titles such as “Mr. Tiddles,” “Cloud Cuckoo,” and “Wavy Gravy,” the album does its best to capture the peaks and valleys of a live trance set. Whether it's one of the five best trance albums or not, it's on this list and worth a listen.
  4. “Elements of Life” TiestoThis title track from this album sounds as much like a classical composition as it does a modern trance anthem. Faithful to its classical roots, the tune builds and builds all the while creating a unifying sense of theme. Throughout the album the Dutch boy wonder delivers his signature epic sound on one of the best and most influential trance albums ever.
  5. “Movement in Still Life” -BT. “Godspeed” is the standout track off this album. The wispy vocals and driving rhythm of this synth heavy track sounds great on a dance floor. It almost seems made for the dark environment and swirling colored lasers and flashing light shows of most clubs.
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