5 Best Tree Climbing Spikes

Everyone who loves to scale the giants wants to know what the 5 best tree climbing spikes are. After all, it’s the only way to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. There are so many options to choose from that is can get downright confusing when it comes time to comparing different brands. Don’t worry, we decided to help you out and just give you our picks for the best tree climbing spikes you can buy.

  1. Sport Climber Tree Spikes. These were designed after the model that traditional lumberjacks wore, but these are much lighter. In fact, they weigh less than three pounds. They can easily attach to your backpack and they’re so comfortable you might forget that you have them on. That’s why they’re first on our list of the best tree climbing spikes.

  2. Ninja Climbing Foot Spikes. You can count on the quality of these spikes, because they’re powder coated in an effort to ensure superb performance. They come with handy straps for easy transport, and they’re affordable too.

  3. Gecko Carbon Fiber Climbers. As their name suggests, these bad boys make use of space-age technology through carbon fiber. Being so cool is what got these climbers on our list of the best tree climbing spikes. They’re so light you wouldn’t even know you they were tied to your bag.

  4. Titanium Tree Climbers. Yep, they are made of titanium. Rust proof titanium that is! These are super strong, yet oh-so-light on the feet and fit perfectly on our list of the best tree climbing spikes on the market.

  5. Klein Steel Tree Climbing Spurs. These are simple, and that’s why they’re rounding off our list of the five  best tree climbing spikes. They’re an easy fit and are one of the most affordable options that don’t sacrifice quality.

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