5 Best Turkish Actors

Wondering who the five best Turkish actors are? Turkish actors are particularly scarce in Hollywood, but they are gaining more and more interest in the United States. Here are five great examples if you're looking for some of the best Turkish actors around.

  1. Alex Demir: Appearing on many popular dramas, such as NYPD Blue and Silk Stockings, Demir is one of the best Turkish actors in the United States. In fact, he's one of the only known Turkish actors in Hollywood at the moment. Often mistaken for a New Yorker of Italian descent, he claims that he's usually cast as a tough guy, a bully or Mafioso character, and that people are often surprised to learn that he's, in fact, a Turkish actor.
  2. Kivanc Tatlitug: Often referred to as the "Middle East's Brad Pitt,"  Tatlitug started his career in modeling and won the "Model of the World" pageant in 2001. Since then, he has turned his interests to acting and has starred in several productions, particularly the popular melodrama "Gümü?." He is not only considered to be one of the five best Turkish actors in the world, he was also recently voted the sexiest Turkish man alive.
  3. Mert Ocal:  Ocal is another popular model who has gone on to pursue a career in acting. Unlike some of our other models-turned-actor, Ocal chose to forgo the silver screen (at least for now) and has chosen to focus on TV. He has appeared in several different television shows, debuting in the TV mini-series, "Asla unutma."
  4. Murat Yildirim: A well-known actor with a keen interest in music, theatre and mathematics, Yildirim has sharp hawkish features and an intensity that captivates the audiences. He has appeared in both film and television productions and is considered to be one of the best Turkish actors around.
  5. Bulent Inal: Making his debut in the 1998 film, "Kayikci," Inal is in high demand and considered to be one of the best Turkish actors on television. Best known for his role of Tuba Buyukustun in "Ihlamurlar Altinda," Inal has a classic suave demeanor that women find irresistible.

If you’re looking to find out who the best Turkish actors are, these stars are sure to give you a great glimpse into who’s popular with the fans, right now. Depending on your favorite genres, there are a lot of great Turkish actors and actresses to be found. Hopefully we’ll start to see more of them in Hollywood soon.

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