5 Best Two And Half Men Episodes

Anyone interested in "Two and a Half Men" should first start out by watching the 5 Best "Two and a Half Men" episodes. "Two and a Half Men" has been on since 2003 and has building a steady fan base since then. Legendary Charlie Sheen plays "Charlie Harper". Jon Cryer plays "Allan Harper" and Angus T. Jones plays his son, "Jake Harper". The show has a very interesting plot. "Charlie Harper" is a single, ladies man that lives in a beach house next to a beautiful beach. His brother, "Allan Harper",  on the other hand is a recently divorced father. After Allan's divorce, he moved in with Charlie and Allan's son Jake visits his father often. It's a plot that will keep you laughing. Each character balances each other out perfectly.

You can best see examples of this by watching the following five episodes:

  1. In the episode titled "The Voodoo that I Do Do" Charlie bribes Jake into taking ballet lessons so he can put the moves on the attractive instructor. He didn't expect that Jake would also develop a crush on her as well. At one point in the episode, Jake has to put on a bear costume for a recital, then he realizes that no woman is worth that kind of humiliation.
  2. In another episode called "Your Dismissive Attitude Toward Boobs," Berta, their house keeper is forced to move in with them temporally. Berta senses that there is some tension between Allan and Charlie so she sways the situation to play in her favor. After reaching his limit, Allan goes with his mother to find another place to live. She informs him that his options are limited in a special crude way.  
  3. In "The Sea is a Harsh Mistress" Charlie tries to impress a girl he just met named Dottie, by surfing. Charlie didn't expect to almost drown to death while surfing, though. Close to death, under the water, Charlie sees his deceased father. His father tells him, "Take care of your mother." Charlie takes his father's message as his deceased father wants him to be good to his mother. When actually his deceased father meant kill her.
  4. The episode "An Old Flame with a New Wick" Charlie meets his mother's new fling, which happens to be an ex girlfriend of his that got a sex change. Everyone knows about the exes sex change besides Charlie's mother. Hilarity ensues whenever they scramble to keep the truth away from her.
  5. In "The Fish in the Drawer" The brother's mother is having her dream wedding at Charlie's home by the beach. No one plans to find the groom dead in Charlie's house and it soon becomes crawling with CSI agents. Each member of the family was interrogated and each had a funny part of the story to add.

"Two and a Half Men" is a sitcom that really grabs the audiences attention. The show ideas are always cleaver and always have a funny twist to them. Each character is there own person who has their own past story that comes into play. The writers of this show pay attention to what America wants to see and delivers.

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