5 Best Tyler Perry Movies

The 5 best Tyler Perry movies are relatively easy to name considering Perry only has a few movies under his belt.  With several projects in production, Perry's portfolio is set to grow significantly.  Here are the five best Tyler Perry movies, in no particular order.

  1. "Why Did I Get Married?"  To date, this movie is considered the best Tyler Perry movie by his fans.  The movie successfully crossed over from the stage to the big screen and improved in the process.  "Why Did I Get Married" tells the story of three couples whose relationship is put to the test during a annual week-long trip.  The sequel for the movie has already generated a lot of buzz.
  2. "Madea's Family Reunion"  Perry took on more sensitive issues in "Madea's Family Reunion."  The movie discusses the relationship between mothers and daughters, domestic abuse, and child molestation.  
  3. "Daddy's Little Girls"  Tyler Perry opted to stay behind the camera in "Daddy's Little Girls."  The movie tells the story of a hardworking man who loses custody of his daughters to his ex-wife who is dating a drug dealer.  The serious undertone of the movie's theme makes it one of the best Tyler Perry movies.
  4. "The Family That Preys"  Perry's movie featured an all-star cast that included an Academy Award winner.  Although it is not one of the best movies that year, "The Family That Preys" is one of the five best Tyler Perry movies.
  5. "Madea Goes to Jail"  When Perry's Madea finally ends up in jail after numerous escapades, it is fun to watch.  Although the scenes that didn't include Madea were drab at best, the movie is still thought to be one of the best Tyler Perry movies.

The quality of Perry's movies has increasingly improved.  Perry's future projects will most likely continue to dominate the box office and serve as a reminder there is a reason he is so successful.

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